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Comprehensive Utility Construction Services in Indiahoma, OK, and the Surrounding Areas

Who We Are

Your Trusted Partner for Utility Construction

At Integrity Construction Services, LLC, located in Indiahoma, OK, we are a dedicated family-owned business specializing in utility construction services for both commercial and residential clients. Drawing on our founder’s decade of experience, we’ve built a team driven by integrity, focused on providing exceptional customer service and outstanding work quality.

Our services include water line repairs/installation, sewer line repairs/installation, hydraulic directional drilling, pipe fusion, and gravel hauling & driveway repair. Our expertise in utility construction allows us to address your specific requirements with precision and dedication. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction distinguishes us from the competition, making us a trusted choice in our community. Explore how our dedication to high standards and extensive experience position us as your preferred partner for all utility construction projects.

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Our Full Range of Services

Water Line Repairs / Installation

At Integrity Construction Services, LLC, we specialize in water line repair, ensuring your property remains safe and functional. Our experienced team addresses a variety of water line issues, from discolored water indicating a potential problem to emergency repairs for leaks. We conduct thorough water line inspections and maintenance, guaranteeing your system's reliability. Trust us to handle both minor and significant repairs with professionalism and care.

Sewer line repairs and installation
Sewer Line Repairs / Installation

Sewer line repair is a crucial service we offer at Integrity Construction Services, LLC. Our expertise extends to handling new installations, addressing common problems like rusted pipes, and removing obstructions causing clogs. Whether it's for new construction projects or existing systems, our solutions are tailored to meet your needs. We focus on ensuring your sewer system functions smoothly, preventing potential damage and inconvenience.

Hydraulic Directional Drilling

Integrity Construction Services, LLC is your go-to for horizontal directional drilling. This service is ideal for projects that require drilling beneath obstacles like roads or rivers without disturbing the surface. Our approach is perfect for both commercial and residential projects, especially when connecting utilities for new constructions. Choose us for a minimally invasive method that reduces the risk of utility damage.

Pipe Fusion

Our team at Integrity Construction Services, LLC excels in fusion plumbing, a technique often required for commercial projects involving directional drilling. Whether it's butt fusion, HDPE Fusion, or Electrofusion, we have the skills and equipment to ensure a seamless connection. This service is essential for projects that involve laying long stretches of pipe, such as under highways, to create a continuous pipeline.

Driveway repair card
Gravel Hauling & Driveway Repair

Integrity Construction Services, LLC offers comprehensive driveway repair and gravel hauling services. From installing new driveways to repairing potholes and cracks, we have the equipment and expertise to improve your property's accessibility and appearance. We also specialize in hauling various materials, including sand, rock, and dirt, ensuring your project has the resources it needs. Trust us to enhance your driveway and property drainage.